NetNotes is a message board that allows interaction among NetLearning administrative users. It brings you the ability to easily communicate and share information with other clients while providing an additional avenue for communication with the NetLearning staff.

With NetNotes you will be able to:

  • View messages in a threaded format so it's easy to see postings and their related replies.
  • Have your own user name and manage your account, including passwords.
  • Upload attachments and share information and presentations with other clients.
  • Be notified by email of any postings in your favorite forums without having to check the forums every day.
  • Establish a group of forums as your favorites, making easy access and viewing a breeze.
  • Have a buddy list and see when they are online (similar to instant messaging).
  • Add formatting and "emoticons" to make your message really stand out.
  • Conduct a poll online.

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